>brain ache

>hey blog!

i’ve got a headache. i REALLY hate headaches. i mean, it’s not even THAT bad. and i know it. but i just don’t have a tolerance for headaches. other things, i’ll shut up and suck it up. headaches i can’t handle.

i can’t wait till Doctor Who comes out on Saturday. i’m gonna go to a viewing party with the Buffy nerds. so that should be fun! i’m also excited because i don’t actually have to torrent it to see it the same day it comes out. it’s showing here in America on time this season! 😀

in other news, my eyes are aching as well as my brain. …why do we call it a headache when it’s really a brain ache?
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  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!  So creepy and amazing!!! 

    I can’t find the date you posted this… but was it at all inspired by Radiolab’s Talking to Machines?  I’m just now catching up on podcasts and that made me want to try it.  …but this one seems kind of… terrible.  xD

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