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>my laptop has decided to disconnect from the internet sporadically. so fun! (you could feel the sarcasm, right? cuz it’s emanating in palpable waves.)

hi blog! sorry not to greet you properly, but that is REALLY annoying! i’m sure, as the internet connoisseur that you are, you can feel my pain. (if not from pure empathy, then from those palpable waves i’m emanating.*)

ok, blog. despite the fact that i’m really getting into the swing of things and rather enjoying the frequent blogging this April, i need to regulate my sleep schedule. in other words, i gotta keep this as terse as possible so i can go to bed. …also i need to find where my W-2 crawled off to (as it’s tax day on Friday.)

so i’ve been thinking of NaNoWriMo lately. (remember i said yesterday that we would talk about this today?**) which, i admit again, is rather odd to be think about in April. especially in the midst of a project like BEDA. however, if there is one thing i’ve learned from attempting Wrimo,*** it’s that you definitely benefit from an outline! also, the two stories i’ve developed the most, and are therefore easier to write, are things i’m forbidden to touch. one story is my attempt from last year which means it’s already 10,000 words deep. and the second one i couldn’t write last year for the same reason: i already have bits of it written.

the good news is i have two other possible ideas for this year (there are others, but they’re not nearly as developed or interesting). i’ve already outlined one, which is good, but it involves a LOT of character interaction and dialogue. dialogue being my weakest point. also it involves a lot of character development (so that it’s not a lot of one dimensional, colorless dialogue****). the other i have the basic idea for, but i don’t know exactly how it ends, and although there’s less character development involved (because there are fewer main characters), there is a lot of research involved. it’s kind of sci-fi. also, i haven’t decided exactly how fiction i want to go with it.

so both are difficult, but in different ways. so my decision isn’t purely “which story do i want to write more?”, it’s really more “what kind of work do i want to do more?” do i want to imagine characters complexly and write a bunch of dialogue? or do i want to research and figure out my ending? either way, i want to try to pick one soon so that i have plenty of time to get my foundation in place before storm Wrimo hits.

another thing i’ve learned from last year’s Wrimo***** is that if you have a car accident, you probably should just give it up. cuz staring at the screen while you’re nodding out from Vicodin is extremely non-productive and every bit as exciting as you would imagine. (as in not exciting at all. i realize this is very subjective and that although i assume that everyone would imagine something rather dull or even unpleasant, that some imaginations may roam to more vivid territory. #excessiveclarification)

* 20 bonus points for using the word emanating. twice.

** me neither. but i always glance over my last blog so i know what i’ve already told you.

*** is it cool if i call it “Wrimo”? have we reached that level of familiarity? or have i become like that creepy salesman who starts calling you by a nickname to foster a sense of friendship and trust?

**** why is the word “dialogue” not in Chrome’s dictionary? that is so freakin’ weird. it’s not exactly an archaic word. as in it’s not archaic at all. it’s a common word. and there’s no good fucking reason for it not to be in my browser’s dictionary. jesus! get it together, Google!

***** i’ve decided to go with it regardless of how it may sound. i’m throwing caution to the wind! (man, i live dangerously, don’t i?)
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