>see-through glass

>haven’t got one of these in a while. good to know some things will never change.

wow, that was really niche. there are only so many people in the world who even receive those. luckily, the only two people who read my blog are on a collab channel with me, so everybody’s in on the joke.

so for some deranged reason, i decided to sleep all day and stay up all night for the past two days. as you probably can imagine, this has fucked my sleep schedule sideways. i’m probably due to crash in the next few hours and will need mega doses of caffeine or a second wind (the second wind being the preference and the caffeine being what will actually happen). now that that* has occurred to me, i realize that deciding to write my blog during lunch time is an excellent idea. because if i wait until i get home, it will NOT get written. #truefacts

ok, so right now i’m gonna make good on my word yesterday as well as tell a little related story that just happened all of 10 minutes ago. (all this recent day-to-day shit. you’d think i was blogging daily or something**)

so here is a picture of the reception area i’m in until my area is ready:

now, what you have to know about all that glass is it’s tinted. so you can’t see inside until you are very close or it’s dark outside with lights on inside. as a result, i have become accustomed to staring at people through huge panes of glass without them knowing it. so when i was in line at Chipotle, and i looked through the glass trying to decide the hotness level of a guy walking in, i suddenly realized that he could see me. i did NOT look behind me AT ALL after he walked in. note to self: must remember that the ONLY time people can’t see you through glass is at work.

sometimes i am very not smart.

….dammit! i was going to tell you something else today blog, but i can’t remember what it is! oh yeah! i was gonna ramble about NaNoWriMo. which seems really weird in April but will all make sense when i do it. tomorrow. because i am out of time today. and also i have to ramble something for the next 19 days (if my maths are wrong, i don’t know why you’re even bothered by it since you should know by now that i can’t do maths.***) so i’ll keep that one in my pocket and only have 18 topics to worry about!

* i absolutely hate writing sentences that have “that” in succession. and as such, you’d think i’d just reword the sentence. however, that would take a bit of patience and some actual talent, both of which i am completely lacking.

** fun fact: i would love to have one full year where i blog every day, if for no other reason, because it would make me a better writer. but every year on Jan. 1st i go, “meh.” and/or on Jan. 2nd i go, “aw! i wanted to do that blog every day of the year thing. …well, i could just start today. i’d only be missing the first day. …nope. that’s lame. all or nothing. i’ll do it next year.” so yeah, now you know how i’ve begun the last four years. *sarcasm*SO AWESOME!*/sarcasm*

*** it occurs to me that the little joke i was trying to pull by saying i’m so bad at math that i call it maths doesn’t actually translate to people (such as the two who are actually reading this) who have an international pool of friends they talk to every day, some for whom**** “maths” is a proper spelling. i realize if i had read maths, even in an American’s blog, i would simply assume they were using the British spelling for effect. *sigh* sometimes being in an international community is hard. :/

**** Meg, Lydia is that correct? it doesn’t sound right in my head any other way. :/ #grammarquestions #confused #toolazytogoogle #grammarexpertsreadmyblog #nowi’mintimidatedandselfconscious #nonotreally #waytoomanyhashtags

—-3:20pm Update: i remembered what i wanted to mention! when i was in line at Chipotle (quite an eventful time for me today, apparently) a guy wanted to walk through the line, and said “Scusi.” i was taken off-guard. not because i didn’t know what it meant, but because it sounded so pretentious and douchey! in conclusion, i will no longer be saying “scusi.”<!– text

rows of: 2 pics should be 375×250 or 300X500 3 pics should be 200×150 or 200×300 4 pics should be 175×100 or 175×225 1 picture should be 600×420 or 420×600 2 videos should be 234×380 –>

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