>so many things!

>so many things today, blog! so many things!

like this lost blog from Aug. 22nd.

hi blog!

as you undoubtedly already know, i have EPICALLY failed BEDA. i’m not even going to pretend that this is a BEDA post. this is just a random post that happens to be in August. new goal: blog at least once a week. i think that would be adequate, don’t you? my life is boring enough that i could pretty much sum up a week of it in one post.

so, the biggest news we got going right now is that the Guide to Nerdfighting got mentioned by the one and only John Green. wow. he is NOT actually the ONLY John Green. that was… yeah, i got a little excited. …but understandable, right?! cuz, JOHN GREEN MENTIONED THE GUIDE!!!

we LITERALLY have been working toward this as a GOAL and we have REACHED IT!!!!
this thing has been quasi real for so long i almost don’t know what to do now. ALMOST. really i’ve been ready for this for the past 6 mths.

do you remember when all i used to talk about was the Guide? man, that was boring! but that’s when i was ready! i was actually actively easing myself into the idea that maybe the Guide wasn’t going to happen. ya know, making a podcast. planning another (still secret) project with Lydia. doing collab video projects. and then, BAM! the Guide is alive and well!

not to say that i’m just gonna be like, “fuck those! back to the Guide!” i’m just gonna be busier now. XD which i welcome. because i like actually doing/making things that people enjoy. i’m glad that i’m capable of making things that people enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜€

whoa! we were smiley free, and then i hit you with two of them. like rapid fire!

WHY wasn’t that posted? SO weird, right?!

and this, which was from Monday and i forgot to post (click to see it full-size):

and the fact that things like this are popular on Facebook:

Please don’t spoil the fun, and keep it going…………DON’T TELL ANY MEN!!!! Type out the sentence you end up with in YOUR STATUS!!!

Pick the month you were born:
January——-I kicked
February——I loved
March———-I karate chopped
April————I licked
May————I jumped on
June———–I smelled
July————I did the Macarena With
August——–I had lunch with
September—-I danced with
October——-I sang to
November—–I yelled at
December—–I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:
1——-a birdbath
2——-a monster
3——-a phone
4——-a fork
5——-a snowman
6——-a gangster
7——-my mobile phone
8——-my dog
9——-my best friends’ boyfriend
10——-my neighbour
11——-my science teacher
12——-a banana
13——-a fireman
14——-a stuffed animal
15——-a goat
16——-a pickle
17——-your mom
18——-a spoon
19——- a smurf
20——-a baseball bat
21——-a ninja
22——-Chuck Norris
23——-a noodle
24——-a squirrel
25——-a football player
26——-my sister
27——-my brother
28——-an iPod
29——-a surfer
30——-a homeless guy
31——-a llama

What is the last number of the year you were born:
1——— In my car
2 ——— On your car
3 ——— In a hole
4 ——— Under your bed
5 ——— Riding a Motorcycle
6 ——— sliding down a hill
7 ——— in an elevator
8———- at the dinner table
9 ——– In line at the bank
0 ——– in your bathroom

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:
White———because I’m cool like that
Black———because that’s how I roll.
Pink———–because I’m NOT crazy.
Red———–because the voices told me to.
Blue———–because I’m sexy and I do what I want Green———because I think I need some serious help. Purple———because I’m AWESOME!
Gray———-because Big Bird said to and he’s my leader. Yellow———because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars Orange———because my family thinks I’m stupid anyway. Brown———because I can.
Other———-because I’m a Ninja!
None———-because I can’t control myself!

Now type out the sentence you made, in YOUR STATUS line and SEND THIS TO LADY friends ONLY

honestly, i could write an entire post JUST concerning that nonsense. i mean, it was fun at first when women were randomly posting colors (that was the color of their bra) or inches (which were the length of their feet), but that’s just… well, nonsense! *sigh*

and the fact that i’m going to the monthly Buffy Meet tonight. it’s less of a “Buffy” meet and more of a random nerd meet, but it’s still fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

also, the book i’m listening to just said:

“they swayed as if dancing to their own heart beats” – blech!

sometimes, authors write things, and editors don’t take those things out, and it makes me want to barf.

and also, i can NOT BELIEVE that i made a countdown graphic last year! in spring colors no less! …just… what?!? how did i find time to do that? …although, if i were to do one now it would be gunmetal with a blue and/or green gleam. it would be bad-ass, basically. but i’m not about to make/take the time for that! i mean, honestly, if i’m going to spend time designing something it’s going to be the Guide which is in desperate need of some attention. it’s like the Guide Staff has this love child that we all neglect. it takes a village and the entire village has deserted it. the Guide project is currently a ghost town.

…ok, if you’re starting to feel a bit sad (and a little guilty if you’re a staffer) raise your hand. *raises hand*

hey! i just noticed i haven’t bitched about work today! have no fear. people still be bitches. i just don’t want to bore you with the details.

anyway, i’m gonna go watch some Dr. Who* until it’s time for me to leave (to the aforementioned “Buffy” Meet). i’ll see ya tomorrow, blog! drive safe!**

*Amazon has randomly decided to give it’s Prime members more stuff. as in i now can watch most seasons of Dr. Who, and other TV shows and movies by streaming them through their site. AND now that my internet connection doesn’t suck anymore (i love you, cable) i can actually take advantage of such things. also, you can upload 5GB of music and stream them through their site. it’s basically like having your iTunes library available in the cloud. or, at least that’s how i use it.

** people keep saying that to me when they say bye to me at work. like, i know i had two accidents, but they didn’t start saying that after the accidents. this is a strange NEW development. i now have a longer commute, but on the freeway. i’m a woman driver on the freeway in an economy car. statistically, i’m the safest driver on the road! why all the cautionary regards all of the sudden?
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