>BEDA6: I’m So Awesome*

>hi blog!!!!

are those enough exclamation marks? cuz if not, just let me know. i can totally add more, no problem.

i had to go to the doctor today. well, i didn’t HAVE to go, i made an appointment because i have a (now waning) sinus infection and i wanted to make sure i was doing the right things to make it go away. problem is, my “Primary Physician” (Dr. Buschmann. what a name!) wasn’t there. so i had to see the female doctor. as it turns out, way back when her schedule was too full for me to select her as my doctor, it was luck. she sucks. way to go female doctor! make it so i prefer a man. thanks for that contribution to feminism.

anyway, she kept saying, “so can we agree to this: can we agree that (medicine i should take and when i should take it).” the problem with that is it implies there was some kind of disagreement. there wasn’t. i literally said i think i have a sinus infection and this is what i’ve done so far, she asked if it hurt when she tapped on my nose, i told her it doesn’t now but it did the other day, and she said, “so can we agree…” what???

*sigh* so annoying.

so i’ll see my actual doctor at the beginning of next month.

so, nothing else really happened today. i’ll spare you the gory details.

* the title, as you must have noticed by now, is completely unrelated to the content of this post. it is also just a joke. obviously.
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