>that title is a misleading attention grabber. i dropped the “g” at the end to make it sound like it was gonna be something cool when i’m really gonna bitch. but i think i’ve made it up to you now by having this moment of full disclosure. (still friends?)

so, i just realized that i still haven’t shown you my new car! which is mental!

wait! WHAT?!?!

yeah. that’s my car. 7 days old. a whopping 242 miles. some stupid Russian guy thought it might be a good idea if he made his left turn while i drove through the intersection. i know, genius, right!? i couldn’t believe my luck either!

so i have to wait till Dec 7th (FUCKING ANNIVERSARY OF PEARL HARBOR! that doesn’t sound like a good omen!) till i can see it looking like this again. :/

in other news, it’s the American Thanksgiving! like today. except like, not. cuz in my opinion right now is it’s still night. as in i woke up in the midst of my slumbers and decided blogging was one of those things that i needed to do now. but after i resume my sleep and then wake up at a more normal hour (ie. not at 2:30am), THEN it will be Thanksgiving. or at least that’s when it will have registered as such in my mind.

just a quick fun fact. since, you know, this is my blog and all. and you might expect to find out information about me here. quick fun fact: Thanksgiving is my SECOND favorite holiday, surpassed only by Halloween! …oh! you thought i was gonna say Christmas, didn’t you!? silly reader… friend… stalker?… you should know i wouldn’t go for a holiday as tawdry as Christmas! goodness! what kind of my blog reader are you? clearly not a very diligent one. …or very perceptive. i’m willing to accept perhaps you are diligent yet not very perceptive. that’s an acceptable answer. though not a preferable one. but more on holidays (and possibly more inquiry as to your allegiance) in later blog posts!

Happy Thanksgiving, all! :)<!– text

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