>is this a total cop out? um, yeah. sorry, blog, but 7NAP took precedent. :/
better blog tomorrow!

Jimmy Eat World – Get It Faster by ChelseaIRL

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>what about your friends


if we can call them friends then we can call them on the telephone
and they won’t pretend that they’re too busy or they’re not alone
and if we can call them friends then we can call
holler at ’em down these hallowed halls
just don’t let the human factor fail to be a factor at all
“Tables and Chairs” Andrew Bird

OH! song quote! what? is she gonna play a song by the same artist two days in a row?!?

no, actually. today we’re gonna listen to a song that tells a story. eat your heart out, Johnny Cash!

Be Your Own Pet – Becky by ChelseaIRL

so i’m actually writing this before i leave work today. although you’re probably not gonna see this posted till way later. why???

well, first of all i have my #secretplans to take care of. then i’m going to the Buffy meet. then i have to do my hair. then, finally, i should have time to put on the finishing touches to this blog and send it off into the blogosphere.

and for the record i LOVE those lines in the quoted song above. and i didn’t have friends that fit that description until i started working on the Guide to Nerdfighting and vlogging on 7NAP. not that i didn’t have friends before. it’s just that they were all very superficial. i know hind sight is 20/20 and all, but man it explains a lot looking back!

anywho, i’m out of time for now. maybe i’ll get to add to this later. if not, i hope you enjoy the song. 🙂
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>fake quo

>so, i’m sure you’ve noticed that every post so far has had music to go with it. and i’m gonna keep that up, blog. cuz, well, i enjoy it and since this is my blog, we’re gonna do what i like. now, you may be saying, “uh-uh! you did NOT have music every day. the other day, day two, you did NOT have music.” and this is true. originally that post did not have music. it was supposed to, but SoundCloud wouldn’t cooperate, and it was 11:50pm, so i was out of time. but it’s there now!

Andrew Bird – Fake Palindromes by ChelseaIRL

oh, i am tired today blog. as much as i would love to ramble on, this is gonna have to be cut short, cuz i think i’m gonna try to actually get a decent amount of sleep tonight. a major step in one of my #secretplans is gonna happen tomorrow! i’m very excited about this. and a little nervous. and i really hope you like it!

oh, and thinking of stuff i haven’t told you yet, i made a twitter account called @BEDAlist i’m basically gonna RT all announcements of new posts as well as announce all posts as i notice they’ve been posted. so if you forget to read a blog or something, there will be a little twitter reminder to help you out. 🙂 this has two purposes: 1) to help everyone read each other’s blogs. 2) to make me stay current on everybody’s blogs.

if you know anyone who should be on the list and is not, just tweet their Skype name at me and i’ll get it sorted.

i’m so tired right now i can’t quite think straight. i did NOT get enough sleep last night. and i’m too tired right now to even remember why. and i’ve got a busy day ahead of me, blog. stupid work is always getting in the way of my life, i swear!

ok, if you’ve known me for longer than this blog post, then you’ve see me say that before. what do i mean by that? i do not believe work is your life. exception being if you actually like your job. like, live for what you’re doing. otherwise, those 40 hours are just what you do so you can afford the other 128. and it’s really not fair cuz about 56 of those 128 real life hours are spent sleeping. so really, give or take a few, you’re only getting 56 hours a week of real life. that’s not even three days a week! personally, it makes me want to figure out ways to make an independent living or spend less time sleeping. point is, i wanna turn that time table inside out. i want to be getting at least 100 hours a week of real life time. that’s about 4 days. i think that’s only fair to get most the days of the week. i mean, after all, for all we can really physically prove, this IS the only life we’ll be getting a shot at. we don’t even know if we’ll have any sort of consciousness afterward. and if you ask me, that makes my time just that much more precious here. and more than half of it is being spent working and sleeping. if you ask me, those scales are WAY off kilter.

so there you go. in summary, let there be music, follow @BEDAlist, and disrupt the status quo. “because the status is not quo!” ok, i’m gonna leave you now so i can spend my time sleeping instead of reading, researching, and basically having a nerdy good time.

BONUS CONTENT: if you know Clive at all, then 0:55 will be epic. if you don’t know Clive… well i’m not sure we can still be friends. yeah, he’s just that awesome.

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a walk through hell (aka my current mindset)

hey! hi! hello, blog! whoops! band i haven’t gotten around to downloading yet!*

and simply because i REALLY like this song, and because i know Lydia likes it too:
Say Anything – A Walk Through Hell by ChelseaIRL

that right there is a perfect example of what BEDA #3 is going to be like. because i have been all over the place ALL DAY today! and let me tell you … i just almost wrote twitter. you’re not twitter! you’re blog! see? that’s what i’m talking about! but to actually end that sentence: and let me tell you blog, i am not looking forward to Thursday night/ Friday morning. well, actually quite the contrary. i’m looking forward to it VERY much. the activity that will take place. NOT the sleep i will be losing. i am NOT looking forward to the SLEEP i’ll be LOSING. wow, so concise tonight!

why will i be losing sleep, blog? (bet you were hungry for that new paragraph! that last one was SO LONG! sorry.) but why, you ask? well, i just can’t tell you that. THAT is one of my secret plans. you will not find out about that until Aug. 12th. so, soon enough!

but wait! she said one of her secret plans! yes! she did! sorry, stuck in third person for a moment there. yes! i did! and i’m sorry, but even i don’t know the launch date of that one, so i can’t even tease you about that one for now. but believe me, when i DO know the launch date, you will be thoroughly teased! (does anybody else feel just a little bit dirty right now?)

oh, my day! um…. there was work, and talking to Meg, and having troubles with… oh yeah! THAT’S what this blog was supposed to be about!

ok. so, as you may have noticed, (or maybe not depending on when you come across this blog entry) i have not one but TWO comment sections right now. and as such, if everyone would be so kind as to use the one at the bottom, i will GREATLY appreciate it! 🙂
Disqus (the ones who make said comment section. you know. the bottom one.) caught wind of my bitching on twitter today and asked what was going on. (literally. this is what happened. twitter is a weird and wonderful place.) so i told them. and DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY TOLD ME?!?!

ok. i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to go all ranty. but seriously, that problem did take up significant chunks of my day and isn’t even resolved. so, i think you might be able to be just a bit sympathetic to my frustration. and, just for the record, i HATE that sentence. ok, maybe hate is a little strong. but i definitely don’t like it, but since i only have 15 minutes to wrap this all up and make it look like i had a plan from the beginning, i don’t have time to dwell on it. all i can do is extend my sincere apologies, and assure you that i will try my best to improve in the future.

and just for the record, i seriously considered changing my screen name to “justfortherecord” but a) it was taken and b) it was kinda lengthy. and honestly, all for the best, because i like ChelseaIRL better. 🙂

and with this i will leave you dear readers. and with this, i am sure you are relieved. good night. or possibly good morning. maybe even good afternoon. frankly i don’t really care. either way, i send you a kind farewell and best wishes!

*i would like to acknowledge that that title is ultra dramatic. and that i hate that sentence as well. but with only 3 minutes to spare, i’ll deal. <!– text

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>so much to say

>just a quick warning before we get started: this blog is gonna jump from topic to topic. sometimes without segue. so don’t say i didn’t warn you!

01 So Much to Say by ChelseaIRL

first thing’s first. because making lists for projects and making twitter accounts is what i do best, i have done two things today. 1) i have made a list of those participating in BEDA. if you are not on the list (and you’re participating, of course) then let me know so i can add you! 🙂 2) as you may or may not have noticed, we have moved house*, blog. same old blog, different address at the top. i have also changed my screen name. i am no longer coolhandjohnny, but am now ChelseaIRL. which means, even online, i am still IRL. paradoxical, and somehow accurate, seeing how the internet has taken over my life. that doesn’t sound right. “take over” implies hostility. there was no hostility. i welcome and nurture my internet addiction.

oh yeah! and i guess it isn’t quite the “same old blog” either. it looks a bit different. although it looked like this shortly before the move, but you didn’t get to see it. sorry for the shock. also, sorry for the next shock in advance. this change is (hopefully, though not for certain due to my procrastination) temporary. i plan to make it a little more me and a little less i got this out of the blog template box.

some of you may have seen my tweet about how i was going to blog about how much i hate my work computer. well, as promised, we’ve arrived at that part of the blog. there is a special place in hell for the computer i use at my place of work. and since i don’t even believe in hell, that’s saying a lot. it is the SLOWEST thing ever. the only thing more annoying than trying to surf online with the thing (especially with multiple tabs) is trying to actually do my work. it takes FOREVER for any of the programs to initially open. and it usually takes a while to switch between programs. and since switching between programs is almost all i do (Word-Excel-AdobeAcrobat-Excel-Acrobat-Excel-Word-etc.) it is VERY annoying. one day i should vlog it simply so you can fully appreciate the extent of my frustrations. seriously, i loathe that computer.

so i’m still dieting more or less. i eat actual solid food now, but i stay away from carbs like the plague. my slimmer thighs, hips and waistline thank me for it. i’m sorry for not bringing on the full-blast disclosure, but i just felt like it needed to be this thing that no one had their judgement or opinion on. just something i was doing for me. so i still have next to no sugar and very, very little carbs. so i mostly eat meat and vegetables. i still have a shake for breakfast and for lunch during the week. but on the weekends i just eat whenever i get hungry. which usually goes: i should eat breakfast but i’m not hungry – don’t eat – not hungry – don’t eat – not hungry – don’t eat – not hungry – randomly freaking starving!!! rush to the kitchen for some leftover something (within the bounds of my diet, of course) – don’t eat – not hungry – a little hungry, but i can’t be bothered – etc. etc. – dinner. if i could eat like that every day, you would know how i ate all through high school and college and know why i was skinny! also, i walked around more (ya know, classes and such).

something i notice about blogging, especially being the old veteran to BEDA i am now, is blog snobbery. don’t worry, i’m fairly certain that the one i was snobbish about won’t read this, so if you are in fact reading this, you can rest assured i’m not talking about you. <– that's what we call a disclaimer. so anyway, i was reading someone's first BEDA, and i looked at the design and thought "seriously?" i mean, just looking at it REALLY did put me off wanting to read it. but i did. and honestly it wasn't a bad blog. but it's design just hurt my feelings and i did not want to read it. my brain was literally coming up with other things to do while i was reading. very bad. side note, while we're on the ranty part of the blog, i am REALLY sick of the "love" tweets i've been seeing lately. you're going out with someone. it's great. and i'm happy for you. but for god's sake do i really need to hear about it no less than three times a day? once every few days, sure. but multiple times a day? seriously??? ugh! so that concludes our blogging adventure for today. unless you're gonna read the footnotes. i mean, you can skip them if you want. they're only footnotes. supplements, if you will. it won't take away from the blog if you don't read them. and really, there's only one today, so it won't be a big deal. so this is probably the end for you, in which case, i bid you goodnight. even if it's morning or mid-afternoon. no matter what time you're reading this, night will eventually come, and i wish you a good one. i'll see the rest of you in the footnotes.**

*they say “moved house” in the UK. it always makes me giggle.

**if you’re reading the footnotes, you’re probably the type to have noticed that i said there was only one footnote, but that there are actually two. well that’s because this one’s just for you! thank you for taking the time to read my footnotes. i really do appreciate it! you’re so much more awesome than those losers who checked out after the last paragraph. posers. you’re my real friends. <3
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3 pics should be 200×150 or 200×300

4 pics should be 175×100 or 175×225 

1 picture should be 700×420 or 420×700 

2 videos should be 234×380 –>

>and so it begins…

>hey, Blog! fancy meeting you here!

(it’s random, but it’s from my favorite band and is absolutely ridiculous. as is this blog. well, it’s not from my favorite band… you know what i mean!)
Hellogoodbye – Welcome to My Record [GM OG Mix] by coolhandjohnny

so here we are, doing that BEDA thing again, except this time the A stands for August. why am i doing this you ask? well clearly i didn’t get enough torture the last time!!!

seriously though, i’m doing this because i got to know my friends better doing this project. and even more of them are doing it this time which means it’s going to be even better! also, i kind of failed last time. …well, i did fail last time. there were days i forgot to post or posted late, and this time i wanna do it right! so here’s to 30 more days of this! 🙂

oh, and you may notice the lack of snazzy countdown counter. i thought i was gonna do one, but then realized, last minute, that i just couldn’t be bothered and would rather work on my secret projects which are discussed (cryptically) herein.

so i think we should start out seeing what i’m doing today and now, and then comparing notes on the 31st. that’s one of my out of thin air ideas, so theoretically, it should work.

right now i’m working on two relatively secret projects with my friends Meg and Lydia. (who are also doing BEDA and who are pretty much the only people who read my blog.) hi guys! or i should say ladies. but i won’t because that just is getting way too PC and i was just going for an informal greeting. digression!!! so yeah, relatively secret projects. “relatively” because Meg knows about me and Lydia’s project, and a small handful of people (such as Lydia) know about me and Meg’s project. but only I know all the details of BOTH! muahahahaha!

ok, not a big deal, but hey! how often do you get to pull out the evil laughter??? right?

also, i’m trying to talk myself into paying for LeakyCon right now. it’s in Orlando next year. first day is my birthday. so i could LEGITIMATELY make it my birthday present for next year. however, i don’t have the money for it at the moment. well, i mean TECHNICALLY i COULD pay for it now. but that’s just generally a BAD idea. the con itself isn’t the price i’m worried about. it’s the hotel stay. and LeakyCon’s forum doesn’t have a roommate section like VidCon’s did. 🙁 oh, nerd dilemmas!

and next summer is going to be a VERY expensive summer that i’m going to have to start saving now for. there’s VidCon, and ComicCon, and SitC. SitC obviously being the most expensive as it will include a flight and hotel stay in London. ComicCon will require a hotel stay in San Diego. and VidCon, even if it’s in LA again, will require a hotel stay. plus the cost of the cons themselves. so now, thinking about investing in LeakyCon… i just don’t know. cuz i’m already determined to go to the other three. Also, i have to book the hotel now. and that’s the most expensive part! i just don’t have the money to pay for that part right now. the flight and the con yes. the hotel, no. if it were the other way around, i’d do it. but it’s not. ALSO, i’m planning on buying a car soon. car payments + insurance = EXPENSIVE. so, don’t exactly have the funds to be shelling out for expensive hotels in Orlando at the moment. 🙁 #nerddilemma

wow, did i just devote not one, but TWO paragraphs to cons that are happening NEXT YEAR! yeah, i’m just gonna pass that one off as #hotnerdsexy. a term i invented two weeks ago. more on that in blogs to come.

for now, i leave you! and considering how long this thing has gotten, i think you’re probably glad. #relief #thankgodshestoppedtyping or, if you’re Lydia, #thanknoentityinparticularidon’tbelieveinthatshitshestoppedtyping <!– text

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