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so hey, blog! how’s it going? …yeah, yeah, yeah. you’re so conceited! all about you! my turn to talk! sheesh!

so, Katie, a friend i met at VidCon, just started vlogging. and in one of her vlogs (the one you will find below), she talks about not really having anything interesting going on and spending most of her time on the computer. and i left a comment that said this (among other things… so yeah ok, i left two comments. don’t judge me!):

and don’t worry if nothing is going on and you spend all your time online. ((secret: that’s almost 100% of vloggers))

like, most of my vlogs, i show one of the shirts in my collection, tell some weird story, or just talk about my day. 🙂

this comment about the content of my vlogs has got me thinking though. has life in general just gotten less weird, or have i just become numb to it? i mean, surely the world i was in at 18 (the story in my latest vlog) isn’t less weird than the world is now. if anything, the opposite must be true. so why don’t i have as many weird stories?

well, one of the more obvious reasons that comes to mind is that my chief means of transportation is no longer my feet. another is that i’m far more skilled at deflecting weirdos before they can attempt to engage in conversation. but there must be more to it than that!

also, how is it that most of us vloggers, with all our stories and memes and footage, could have, for the most part, boring and uneventful lives? i mean, shouldn’t the people with crazy and exciting lives be vlogging? but then, they don’t log countless hours in front of their computers, do they?

i’m just pointing out that it’s rather strange and incongruous that those who do so little could have so much to talk about. i mean, tell me the name of just ONE vlogger who, at the end of the day, isn’t just a guy/girl alone talking to their camera. school and/or a job, a family, responsibilities. pretty boring. and yet they vlog. and it’s watchable! it’s a paradox, that’s all i’m saying!

ok, blog. i’m gonna go back to my boring life now. 🙂

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