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>where did the music go??? blog, i’m sorry!!! i don’t… i don’t know what happened! i was all, i’m gonna blog! blog, blog, blog. blog, blog, blog. and then i was working on #hotnerdsexy which was released on Thursday, and i had to… what? you DON’T know about #hotnerdsexy?!?

*pretending i’m ok with this* we shall fix this now.

ok, now that we’re all on the same page we can be friends again. …i mean, we always were friends, yeah.

so now you need FIVE songs! one for today, and to make up for the lack. ready?

Hot Hot Heat – Goodnight Goodnight by ChelseaIRL

Simple Plan – You Don’t Mean Anything by ChelseaIRL

Fall Out Boy – Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying by ChelseaIRL

Home Grown – I Love You, Not by ChelseaIRL

Panic at the Disco – Time To Dance by ChelseaIRL

now, the one by Panic at the Disco is about my favorite Chuck Palahniuk book, “Invisible Monsters.” it makes complete sense if you’ve read that book.
the rest of the songs sound happy, but are actually pretty mean.

also, tell me what you thought of #hotnerdsexy! what did you like? what didn’t you like? what should we add? what should we take out? tell me in the comments. or email us! or tweet us.

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