a walk through hell (aka my current mindset)

hey! hi! hello, blog! whoops! band i haven’t gotten around to downloading yet!*

and simply because i REALLY like this song, and because i know Lydia likes it too:
Say Anything – A Walk Through Hell by ChelseaIRL

that right there is a perfect example of what BEDA #3 is going to be like. because i have been all over the place ALL DAY today! and let me tell you … i just almost wrote twitter. you’re not twitter! you’re blog! see? that’s what i’m talking about! but to actually end that sentence: and let me tell you blog, i am not looking forward to Thursday night/ Friday morning. well, actually quite the contrary. i’m looking forward to it VERY much. the activity that will take place. NOT the sleep i will be losing. i am NOT looking forward to the SLEEP i’ll be LOSING. wow, so concise tonight!

why will i be losing sleep, blog? (bet you were hungry for that new paragraph! that last one was SO LONG! sorry.) but why, you ask? well, i just can’t tell you that. THAT is one of my secret plans. you will not find out about that until Aug. 12th. so, soon enough!

but wait! she said one of her secret plans! yes! she did! sorry, stuck in third person for a moment there. yes! i did! and i’m sorry, but even i don’t know the launch date of that one, so i can’t even tease you about that one for now. but believe me, when i DO know the launch date, you will be thoroughly teased! (does anybody else feel just a little bit dirty right now?)

oh, my day! um…. there was work, and talking to Meg, and having troubles with… oh yeah! THAT’S what this blog was supposed to be about!

ok. so, as you may have noticed, (or maybe not depending on when you come across this blog entry) i have not one but TWO comment sections right now. and as such, if everyone would be so kind as to use the one at the bottom, i will GREATLY appreciate it! 🙂
Disqus (the ones who make said comment section. you know. the bottom one.) caught wind of my bitching on twitter today and asked what was going on. (literally. this is what happened. twitter is a weird and wonderful place.) so i told them. and DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY TOLD ME?!?!

ok. i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to go all ranty. but seriously, that problem did take up significant chunks of my day and isn’t even resolved. so, i think you might be able to be just a bit sympathetic to my frustration. and, just for the record, i HATE that sentence. ok, maybe hate is a little strong. but i definitely don’t like it, but since i only have 15 minutes to wrap this all up and make it look like i had a plan from the beginning, i don’t have time to dwell on it. all i can do is extend my sincere apologies, and assure you that i will try my best to improve in the future.

and just for the record, i seriously considered changing my screen name to “justfortherecord” but a) it was taken and b) it was kinda lengthy. and honestly, all for the best, because i like ChelseaIRL better. 🙂

and with this i will leave you dear readers. and with this, i am sure you are relieved. good night. or possibly good morning. maybe even good afternoon. frankly i don’t really care. either way, i send you a kind farewell and best wishes!

*i would like to acknowledge that that title is ultra dramatic. and that i hate that sentence as well. but with only 3 minutes to spare, i’ll deal. <!– text

rows of: 2 pics should be 375×250 or 300X500 3 pics should be 200×150 or 200×300 4 pics should be 175×100 or 175×225 1 picture should be 700×420 or 420×700 2 videos should be 234×380 –>

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