>everybody dies

>once again, Chelsea’s internal diaglogue:

“I need another cup of tea, I’m dying. ‘I’m dying.’ A bit dramatic. ‘I’m dying.’ Never an untrue statement. What you’re dying from could be a dramatization, but the dying part is always true. No one has ever made that statement without it being true. The only way it would be a lie is if you’re dead. And no one dead has ever made a such a statement. At least as far as the living know. I’m consciously discounting the psychics. 3 for a dollar!!!” <!–

rows of:
2 pics should be 375×250 or 300X500
3 pics should be 200×150 or 200×300
4 pics should be 175×100 or 175×225

1 picture should be 700×420 or 420×700

2 videos should be 234×380 –>

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