>office rearview

>boss #3 walked in (boss #1’s son) and i thought he was going to hand me a report or something. instead he set this down.

he said, “my dad had the mirror, and i had the part.” (it’s a part manufactured by the company next door (the one he’s boss #1 of). so, yeah. he built a mirror stand for me! 😀 now i can see who’s walking in the door. sometimes work is good.

>Chelsea likes…

>because i just barely watched this video:

(i know. i’m sorry!)

1: Chelsea needs to be redeemed or killed off.
2: Chelsea looks like she’d be fun to take on a date, because she obviously likes to get drunk and naked. What more could a guy want?
3: Chelsea says she is sorry
4: Chelsea wants state to release aid money
5: Chelsea does makeup
6: Chelsea hates her mom & Chelsea hates her dad. Chelsea hates the state she finds it very sad
7: Chelsea asks sports court to freeze transfer ban
8: Chelsea likes to be a ham in front of the camera
9: Chelsea eats floating particles in the air!
10: Chelsea wears glittery, green trousers that sparkle as she walks! (my favorite)
11: Chelsea, was arrested for Attempted Breaking & Entering, Possession of Burglarous Tools, and Assault & Battery with Dangerous Weapon at approximately 8:30am on Trenton Street in East Boston.
12: Chelsea loves gay bars.

1. i really think the first on is a bit harsh! i mean, what i did i do that was so bad?
2. i don’t mind getting drunk but i wouldn’t say i like it. and what exactly makes it obvious that someone likes to get drunk and naked? is there some kind of indicator? and i’d like to think there are guys who like their women sober.
3. sure, yeah. sorry. *shrugs*
4. do it! do it now! idk
5. um, i do my own makeup…
6. lyrics to a song. actually i’m quite fond of my mom and dad. don’t know why i would hate them. and i like to think “the state” is “the state of things” and yes, that would be very sad, hating your parents.
7. these are the kind of results you get when you share the name of a popular football team.
8. i’ll let you judge for yourself on that one.
9. i suppose i do. but then, doesn’t everybody?
10. now that would be a sight! but, alas, no i don’t.
11. now, if i were in East Boston stealing things and beating people up, i certainly wouldn’t be doing so at 8:30 in the morning! i mean, let’s step into that psyche for a moment. i steal things and assault people for a living. why the fuck am i up so early? why not sleep in?
12.now, for the last one i got “Chelsea loves gay bars.” but i prefer “Chelsea loves the web.” because i don’t particularly fancy gay bars, but i DO love the web!

>holy Nerdfighters, Batman!

>so, yeah. i’m pretty awesome. cuz i met Hank.

and here are the rest of the pictures!

Doctor Noise…

and his fans.

reading the set list

Hank dances!


Hank opens gifts from the library. they are cow themed???

we learned about Save the Children

during a pleasantly long Q&A, someone asked Hank to do the worm. so…

it was every bit as awesome as i imagined it would be! <3

>racist food and weird stuff

>there’s no Mexican Helper, or Italian helper, although there are Mexican and Italian “styles.” however, there IS this:

also, weird things i find in the children’s section at the library:

and more proof that our children are brainwashed:

(that’s my shoe in the bottom of the frame)

>Life on the Ning

>**Note: i started writing this and never finished. i have no idea where i was going with this**

last night had to be the nerdiest night of my life.

i spent a solid 6 hrs. talking to people on Skype. whilst doing this, i watched YouTube (The Guild FTW), and did the tag game on Daily Booth.

while i usually don’t do that for 6 hrs, i DO end up doing some of those things EVERY NIGHT.