>sweet escape

>i love finally having actual drawings to check the status of again.
even though i didn’t need to walk to the back, no one else knew that. so instead of not joining into the conversation and just seeming rude, i got to just pick up my notebook and leave the room with all involved assuming i had to go work on something.


>ok, now i’ll be the first to admit i’m pretty good at wasting money. but this one’s too far even for me.

i mean, seriously. $63. for a PHONE STRAP. literally a scrap of material (probably from a wallet) tied to a string.

some things are just wrong.

if i’m gonna spend stupid amounts of money, god dammit, it’ll be on something worth it! like this, or this, or this. when i spend pointlessly, i’m not fucking around. we’re talking about wasting money here, not time.

whoever buys that strap is a fucking moron.

and now, a random lyric:
“my tongue will taste of gin and malicious intent.” – Brand New
mm… malicious intent. *licks lips*