Stalker Cheat Sheet

ok, just writing this is making me feel douche-tastic. but then, this is my website (vanity much?!) and i have to assume you've visited this page to learn more "about me."

i'm a self-proclaimed nerd of the lady variety who likes to call the burbs of Los Angeles home. i like all kinds of things (maybe a bit obsessively), but most of all my allegiances belong to writing, knitting, cupcakes, t-shirts, and Whedonopolis. my favorite color is green (hence the link color), my favorite bands are Hellogoodbye and OK Go, my favorite song is Untitled (I Love You[You can't Stand Me]) by Vroom, and my idea of a celebrity is a web-lebrity. i'm possibly too friendly for my own good, and therefore, yes, i will be your friend. (add me on twitter and chat with me if you think i'm lying) unless maybe you're the type that needs regular plays of this song.

also, i've been known to (only semi-jokingly) say that i live my real life for the 3 days that are VidCon and everything else is just waiting. so there's that.

anything else you want to know, you can just ask me via twitter or email.

hope to talk to ya soon! :)


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